Saber Alter Kimono Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure Review

To be my first product review post, I selected one of the most popular and well-known anime characters, Saber to look into details. In the market, there are uncountable number of side products from Fate series while Saber’s should be the most. In the coming December 2020, a new 1/7 scale figure of Saber Alter in Kimono version will be released where in my opinion, it is valuable to go through the details and to be shared with you all here. Let’s start to know her with the generic information of this upcoming new figure.

Anime Series Overview

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel is a Japanese anime film produced by Ufotable in 2014.

It consists of three parts. The first film, titled Presage Flower, was premiered in Japan in 2017. The second film, titled Lost Butterfly, was premiered in 2019 while the final film, titled Spring Song, will be premiered in 2020.

Saber Alter is the Saber-class Servant of Sakura Matou in the Fifth Holy Grail War of this series. Saber Alter is the dark side of Saber, born from her experience of life and in the previous Holy Grail War through absorbing the mud from the Shadow. She serves as the primary enforcer of the Shadow in the second and third films. With her sense of restraint gone and fueled by the tainted Grail’s immense power, she becomes strong enough to fight against even Berserker.

Sculpting Work

The kimono dresses up style of Saber Alter was the illustration of Takashi Takeuchi published on Newtype magazine. Sculptor, Nobuta (REVOLVE) perfectly turned it to become a lifelike 1/7 scale figure now.

Not only the hair, many parts of the figure is carved very detailed such as the headdresses, which are almost like real flowers while the ribbon looks really like silk. The irregular pattern of the shawl (should be a fur?) reflects the high-level sculpting work of Nobuta. In contrast, the meticulous frame of the umbrella is well-ordered display.

The Japanese knot ropes on a brocade box of the chest, ropes on the underwear of the neck as well as ropes on the small ribbon of the calf are carefully be carved very finely. Meanwhile, the layering of her Kimono, the texture of clothing and the obi belt are completely presented by the undulating but smooth carving.

It is worth noting that the sculptor does not deliberately reveal the gap of boobs of Saber, it captures the style of her sexy deep V-neck Kimono collection instead.


The paintwork for this Saber Alter Kimono version scale figure is fantastic that there is no different between the original illustration of Takashi Takeuchi. This is the work of Kawamo (REVOLVE).

Different type of cherry blossom pattern layered sharply and covered the entire Kimono. The golden pattern on the obi belt perfectly embellishes its exaggerating extra-large design and turns it to become one of the focus of the figure. Even in the detailed parts like the Japanese clogs and the headdress, the painter meticulously preserved the original flowers and patterns. The Kimono style is not the signature of cool and powerful Saber Alter but the color of her eyes and lightened golden hair are the two characteristics that let us know she is not Saber but is Sable Alter instead. This shows Kawamo reproduced Nobuta’s mind completely. As a whole, the paintwork is exactly the same with the original.


Personally, the posture of original illustration is not really obvious. However, after the high-level sculpting work of Nobuta (REVOLVE), the posture of Kimono style Saber Alter does not only be presented clearly in 3D format but also exude a feeling of elegance. The walking like Japanese folk-dance posture is full of charming gesture. And, with the form of flowing short hair and the shifted eyes contact, the attraction of Kimono Saber Alter is nonresistance. The figure seems to give the original illustration a soul and make it come to life. This is why anime figure is so amazing.


It is no doubt the appearance of this figure is very beautiful but in detail, it comes from the contradictory mix & match elements. Firstly, it uses sexy deep V-neck Kimono collection covering the cool and strong character of Saber Alter from the anime series. The deep V-neck design does not even only reveal her snowy white skin and boobs but also exudes her femininity with a bit sexy. Secondly, the swordsman temperament of Saber is totally be eliminated by using the Japanese grapefruit umbrella and, again, it reveals her femininity instead. Also, the exaggerating extra-large obi belt changes the traditional Kimono style making it becomes interesting and unique. These contradictory elements perfectly mix & match and born Saber Alter Kimono version 1/7 scale figure. Want it to be one of your collectibles? Sure!

Overall Comment

As a whole, the original illustration is distinct, beautiful and colorful. The sculptor can complete it in very detail and preserve all elements of it is not an easy work. It shows the experience and techniques of the team as well as the sense on the original artwork.

Also, the painter can perfectly repaint the art on a 3D canvas making it alive. The work is significant and is an important part of success of the figure.

Finally, nothing else to say that the complicated Saber Alter Kimono version 1/7 scale figure has been completed perfectly at very high-level. If you missed, you must loss!

Thanks for your reading and feel free to add your comments below for further sharing.

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