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Series: n/a
Figure Type: Cast-off Figure; Bishoujo Figure
Manufacturer: SkyTube
Price: USD181.99 @ Playasia

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  • 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: Approx. H335mm (including the flag and base) / Main Figure Approx. H290mm (including base)
  • Illustrator: Mataro
  • Sculptor: 2%
  • Limited availability

Release Date

September 2021

Product Description

From the original illustration by popular illustrator Mataro, “Siberian Chills Leader” has appeared. Keeping the charm of Mr. Mataro’s sexy and cute original drawings, a volume style that does not survive the cold of winter It has been made into a three-dimensional model. Accessories such as a group flag held in the hand and removable hat parts are also included. The costume will be cast-off. If there is a leader who wears a fearless knit, 100 people will be able to do it even in the freezing cold. Please summon “Siberian Chills Leader” to your hands.

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