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Series: Dark Elf Village
Figure Type: Scale Figure; Bishoujo Figure
Manufacturer: Vertex
Price: USD152.89 @ Solaris Japan

Price may be adjusted from time to time according to the decision of respective online store without prior notice.

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  • 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Height: approx. 250mm
  • Sculptor: Fortunation
  • Paintwork: obZen
  • Limited availability

Release Date

September 2021

Product Description

The new Vertex Originals series [Dark Elf Village] has finally started! The memorable first villager [Natigal] was designed by illustrator Kinta, who has a reputation for expressing a dark elf.

The enchanting dance emphasizes its lustrous curvaceous beauty and invites you to the village with a mysterious smile.  The dark elf’s unique charms such as the brown skin color that appears and disappears behind the inspirational thin veil and the woven silver hair that draws a bold arch are packed tightly.

Dark elf village in the back of the dark forest, you may not be able to return once you enter?

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