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Series: n/a
Figure Type: Cast-off Figure; Bishoujo Figure
Manufacturer: Daiki Kougyou
Price: USD154.06 @ Solaris Japan

Price may be adjusted from time to time according to the decision of respective online store without prior notice.

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  • 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: PVC
  • Height: approx. 250mm
  • Sculptor: D-zou (diskvision)
  • Paintwork: Ittsuru Akechi (Taishodo)
  • Limited availability

Release Date

November 2021

Product Description

Mr. D-zou (diskvision), a master craftsman who created the original character of the popular illustrator Pop Kyun, created the prototype, and Mr. Ittsuru Akechi (Taishodo), who colors it beautifully, is in charge of 3D. Transformed!

Private K (Kaiho) Gakuen is famous for its unique uniforms, and the student organization is a traditional school where swimsuits suitable for job titles are also provided.
Of particular note is Ms. Kinoko Kazama, a disciplinary committee member who keeps her strict father’s instructions and continues to fulfill her duties today.
It is a morning tradition of the school to inspect the clothes of classmates who come to school with racy skirts.

[Short skirts (than me) violate school rules!]

You can change into a swimsuit with special specifications. Uniforms and swimwear can be cast-off both above and below. Smile (forgiveness) ver. Face parts are also included.

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