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Series: Haruru Minamo ni!
Figure Type: Cast-off Figure; Bishoujo Figure
Manufacturer: Insight
Price: USD155.06 @ Solaris Japan

Price may be adjusted from time to time according to the decision of respective online store without prior notice.

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  • 1/5 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: Fabric, PMMA
  • Height: Approx. 300mm
  • Sculptor: APE
  • Limited availability

Release Date

June 2021

Product Description

Haruru Minamo ni!, “Mei Hatagami” swimsuit ver.1 / 5 scale figure is back!

It is a unique product, and it is a body with no dividing line made by a special production method! Furthermore, it is a big size figure with a total height of about 30 cm, so its presence is different!  Because it is a big scale, it does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you wear a swimsuit with cloth clothes, and the modeling is done in detail.  Faithfully reproduce the glossy silver long hair of the cute twin tail!

Please enjoy her beautiful and sophisticated details.

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