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Series: n/a
Figure Type: Scale Figure; Bishoujo Figures
Manufacturer: Native
Price: USD204.03 @ Solaris Japan

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  • 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Height: approx. 240mm
  • Illustrator: Eri Natsume
  • Paintwork: Graham Kamen
  • Sculptor: Toshi
  • Limited availability

Release Date

December 2020

Product Description

Wanna be punished by an exposed pretty young girl?!  The original character of Misa 1/6 Scale Figure should be your right choice.

This original character is from the illustration of Eri Natsume while Native transformed her into this daring figure in detail.  Let’s take a look on the whole posture of this adult figure.

Misa stands in front of you with her left leg lifted up a small angle and head slightly tilted.  Is it not a traditional cute posture of a young girl?  Also, her flowing blond long hair nearly reached the ground, even if she tied it up to two pigtails.  So cute!

In addition, however, can you see Misa is holding a whip?  I do think it is not use for punishment but purely use to push up her breasts.  This pose makes her firm breasts more outstanding and successfully draws your attention on her breasts.  Wanna try her firm breasts?  Oh! Isn’t it too lustful?

For her appearance, Misa is wearing a nudity Alice blue costume showing her firm breasts, beautiful wide hips and young girl sweet pussy.  Wow!  It is impossible not to watch her attractive body from top to bottom thoroughly.

Further, her lascivious smile seems to want you to taste her soft and curvy body.  Is it another way to punish you?!  Ha!

Don’t be shy being punish!  The original illustration of Misa in 1/6 scale figure form is impossible not to put it in your display cabinet.

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