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Series: Avengers
Figure Type: Action Figure
Manufacturer: BANDAI SPIRITS
Price: USD81.40 @ HobbyLink Japan

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  • Non-scale Pre-Painted Action Figure
  • Materials: ABS, Fabric, PVC
  • Height: Approx. 165mm
  • Limited availability

Release Date

April 2021

Product Description

– Thor is newly released in the costume when the movie [Avengers] first appeared!
– [Thor], which has been lined up in various costumes, is now available as a new model of the long-awaited [Avengers] costume!
– The expression is reproduced by the digital coloring of the soul, various effect parts such as hammer turning, and a movable cloth cloak is attached, and the play value is also outstanding.
– AVENGERS ASSEMBLE with [Avengers] members released at the same time!
– The long-awaited [Avengers] Saw lineup with hair that reproduces the cloak with wires and two-tone coloring.
– The scene that is often seen during the work, which is turned before the hammer is shot, is also reproduced with special effect parts.
– Effect parts that can be replaced and attached to Mjolnir to reproduce the scene of summoning lightning are also included.
– The optional face parts also come with a horizontal line of sight, expanding your play.

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